Tips To Building Chaise Lounge Beach Chair

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Unique Chaise Lounge Beach Chair

Chaise lounge beach chair requires portability and simplicity in shape. This over brace design, made in two pieces, breaks down for easy transport to and from the beach. To collect on the beach, simply slide the seat piece through the reinforcing slats at the bottom of the back. Separate it and slide the seat piece inside the back cover for transport and storage. Wood choices vary depending on your budget. When finished, you can finish or paint the chair.

You need:

Use a circular saw to cut three 8-foot lengths of 2-by-1/2-inch wood into six equal lengths each, for a total of 18 ribs measuring 16 inches long. Sand all the edges of the chaise lounge beach chair smoothly to your satisfaction. Drill two holes on the wide side of each exit 12 of the 16-inch wooden ribs, which evenly place the holes 1/2 inch from the end of the wooden ribs. The upper edge of the slat should flush with the end of the 1-inch side of the board, and at the end of the slat should be aligned with the wider 3-inch side of the board. Use a T -quire to line up the slat and beam at a perfect 90 degree angle.

Place the drill through the holes when you are convinced that the chaise lounge beach chair is perfectly lined up and drill about 1/4 inch in the side of the back planks. Apply one-click wood glue between and around the holes on one of the rear planks and distribute it evenly. Line up slat again over the back plank edge and drilled holes perfectly matched, and screw in two screws. Attaching the same slat to the other back plank at the other end.

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