Small Futons For Small Spaces

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Small Futons With Storage

Small futons РThe futon is what has traditionally been used in Japan to sleep for centuries, what they consider their bed. They are very low mattresses made of cotton and they are placed directly on the tatami, which serves as a mattress. They are designed to be stored during the day and be light and also  portable. Do you like your guests to spend the night in your home?

So, if you are hospitable or if you just want a happy alternative to bed, do not hesitate, chose a beautiful small futon. A small futons is ideal for a small living room. It may even happen that you do not have space to build a living room, but you want an appropriate armchair to be located in a section of the dining room or hallway. The futons adapt to all styles. They are discreet and truly practical.

More and more Japanese people sleep in conventional beds with mattresses as Westerners, but small futons are still very useful as beds for guests. Thanks to the ease of being rolled and stored taking up little space. Also people who live in small apartments find this way of sleeping comfortable, since it allows them to leave that space free during the day.

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