Ideas Of Hanging Chaise Lounger Chair

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Metal Hanging Chaise Lounger Chair

Hanging chaise lounger chair is an interesting and easy way to add seating to a room, but rudimentary it can be. This type of seating is perfect for children and youth areas, as the chairs cannot be suitable for heavier adults. The basic design of the chair allows many chairs to be installed quickly and easily along a wall. Hinges allow the chair to collapse and keep it out of the way.


Find the studs behind the wall plate using a rule detector and clearly mark them. Place a 1-by-18-by-18-inch board against the hanging chaise lounger chair so it stands on a stud, with the lower edge of the board 20 inches from the ground. Place a carpenter level at the top of the board and adjust it until it is straight. Drill holes through the board and into the stud every 4 inches. Attach the board to the wall with 4-inch wooden screw passed washers. Set three heavy hinges on top of the horizontal board, against the vertical line. Mark the position of the fixing holes hinge screw on both boards.

Remove the hinges and drill the holes in both boards. Move the hinges and guides and attach the hinge in place with 1-inch wooden screws to the horizontal guide and 4-inch wooden screw to the vertical line. Place an 18-inch, 2-by-4 support plate under the hanging chaise lounger chair so that the 4-inch side presses up against the bottom of the vertical board and the lower edge of the horizontal line Attach the 2-by-4 to the horizontal board with two-inch wood screw drilled downward through the horizontal board and into the 2-by-4.

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