Ideas Decorating Victorian Chaise Lounge

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Red Victorian Chaise Lounge Ideas

By itself, Victorian chaise lounge can make a statement in a room, but adorned with decorative details, it can become the focal point. Instead of simply placing a black chair in a room and leaving it alone, you will be dressed in brightly colored fabrics to make it an even more attractive and comfortable place to relax. Please note the design of the room is the chaise longue. The elements that you choose to decorate with should tie in the overall design of the room so that they become an integral part of the room.

Decide on the colors and designs for a throw blanket and cushions to put on the chaise longue. For example, a zebra print, geometric prints or bold one color pillows and shots are ideal. In a country chic room, toile, paintings and bedding in soft black and white or pastel colors are options. Buy 3 throw pillows and a throw blanket that feature the colors and designs you’ve decided. Buy a single blanket, a large throw pillow and two small cushions, or three cushions of the same size.

Place the throw blanket along the long or short side of the back of the chaise longue. Or, you can cover the blanket at the end of the chair seat. The blanket should look as if you have casually shaken there. Arrange the cushions on the back of the chair. If you have purchased a large and two small cushions, place the large pillow in the corner of the back of the chair and flank with the small cushions.

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