How To Choose Top Rated Futons

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Top Rated Futons Modern

Top rated futons are a futon is a futon … or is it? A futon is compact, efficient and cost effective, but the functionality of this classic couch / bed combo doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Surprisingly this apparently simple piece of furniture comes in a variety of designs, fabrics and sizes. Choosing the right futon for your space is just a matter of knowing which options are available and how these options can suit your needs.


Know your seating limits. How many people will use top rated futons at once? How many will actually sleep on it at once? Futons come in more than one size, from the standard full size futon in the chair and half the options with the footstool. They are also available in the wing, split, and chaise style or can come as part of a bunk set. Decide on a frame. Wooden framed futons provide a traditional option; elegant metal arches lean against modern emotions; Rattan futon frames suggest something more tropical. Narrowing the search for a style can help focus the shopping trip.

Select a cover. If the top rated futons will be in a secluded place, something can be washed in the machine to be a good choice. Microfiber is another easy to clean choice. For a more polished look, leather or artificial leather can add a dramatic element. If you choose a cloth cover, don’t forget to consider how the fabric pattern will coordinate with the rest of the room.

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