Best Slipcovers In Material Choices

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Waterproof Sectional Couch Cover

Best Slipcovers – The best fabric for a cover is washable and durable, like a mix of linen or cotton. You can buy or sew a case, but if you are making your first slipcover, start with a cheap, clear fabric without streaks or complicated patterns. When you have more experience, buy a more expensive fabric.

Cotton is resistant and washable, but wrinkles and is often mixed with a synthetic fiber. Linen is similar, they are durable, washable and easily wrinkled. So it is also usually mixed with a synthetic, which is also cheaper. When nylon is mixed with a natural fiber such as cotton or linen, the fabric will be stronger. Polyester in a mixture reduces wrinkles and discoloration and is easy to dye. RayĆ³n makes a good mix but usually requires dry cleaning.

Although fabrics made from synthetic fibers are cheaper, they can be slippery and uncomfortable and not hold their shape well. Silk, though elegant, is not as strong as cotton and linen. It is not good for constant use. Upholstery fabric is heavy and difficult to work with. Velvet, which is not really a fabric, but a type of armor, made of various fiber combinations. It may need more attention, depending on the mix.

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