Yin or Yang, What is Your Dominant Energy?

We all have a dominant energy, Yin or Yang.

When we take time to identify which of them is our dominant energy, we learn more about ourselves and how we can act to be happier and more successful in our lives.

See below the main characteristics of each type of

  • Relaxation as a priority
  • Preference for cold water
  • Characteristics of Yin
    • Characteristics of Yin
      • Most active brain at night
      • Tranquility
      • natural heat
      • Force
      • Most active brain during the day
      • Energetic
      • Preference for warm drinks or at room temperature

      It is possible that some people may have a mixture of Yin and Yang characteristics. In that case, it is advisable to seek help to better evaluate your energy. These two extremes exist to keep everything in balance.

      Balancing our energies

      In order for us to live quality lives, with health and happiness, we need to balance our energies.


      Our food choice is very important because everything that we feed our bodies affects our body temperature, directly affecting our physical balance.

      If you possess the dominant Yang energy, it is important to devote your excess energy and heat through food. Thermogenic foods like spices and red meats are not very interesting for you. Opt for fresh vegetables.

      For Yin people, the situation is the opposite because they need to replenish their energies through food. Add broccoli and coconut to your diet and stay away from detoxifying styles.


      Emotions are a very important part of who we are. That is why it is vital to devote oneself to keep them balanced. Adopt a more conscious and less reactive behavior.

      Yin People tend to get more down in times of anxiety and stress as they tend to internalize their emotions.


      We also need to keep our physical bodies in balance.

      For the people Yin, the recommended activities

      As much as we have the natural tendency to “get accustomed” and to stay in our comfort zones, we have the natural tendency to “get accustomed” it is fundamental that we work to balance our bodies so that we can keep our health always up to date

    • Source: zyto.us

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