SuperRottamazione 2000 discount € Fiat, Alfa and Lancia

SuperRottamazione 2000 discount € Fiat, Alfa and Lancia

Lately we are sure that many of you have noticed the publicity that the FCA group is presenting on television on all networks. For those who missed the chance to see her in commercials prepared by the Fiat Chrysler Group, Piero Chiambretti known Italian presenter shows the viewers what the discounts applicable on the group of cars, and with surprise FCA has decided to include in this special offer many of the top cars of all the houses.

Surely, after the slight recovery that there was for what concerns the sale of cars in Italy but also in the rest of Europe jasa konsultan pajak jakarta, and with FCA that you can even score a record of about 17% more than the same month of ‘previous year, in the Italian-American group have seen fit to push in this direction, and activate a marketing campaign that includes an important offer.
Cars and models available

Surely you have noticed that among the cars put on offer from Fiat, the house has done quite logically has to provide the Punto 5-door model. The details of the offer on this car can claim a total discount of € 3,000, making sure they could buy Fiat Punto Street 5-door, 1.2 69 bhp at just € 7,500.

But perhaps not everyone knows that in reality the group’s offerings also extend to other models, which include not only Fiat but also Lancia and Alfa Romeo. If for Fiat, as well as the Punto, Panda also can buy (the best-selling car in Italy) at the figure of € 7800 for version 1.2 Easy 69 hp, for other models the figures rise a bit ‘.

Lancia is always available with SuperRottamazione the Lancia Ypsilon 5 doors Elephant (with weather) at a price of € 8500, more than 1,000 € in less supply available on the Fiat 500 1.2 Pop 9600 €.

For the older sister of 500, Fiat 500 L instead, you can take advantage of the offer to get the car to 14,000 €, almost as much as you need to spend to buy the Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.4 104 HP 15,500 €. For cars like the Alfa Mito instead of always it is descending, and you can have your small home Alfa just € 9,950, in the version Impression 70 bhp.

Those looking for something more expensive and important in size, may instead choose to take advantage of the offer to purchase the Fiat Freemont to € 25,500, with a super-equipped version.
The details of the offer SuperRottamazione

As in all offers, the first thing we ask is what are the real annotations on the documents. We must say that the maximum discount possible is € 2,000, and it is necessary not only to scrap any machine (with no particular indications of year), but mostly stick to the financial plan called SuperRottamazione made available by the vertices and of which information sheets you can find them directly on the site or Fiat dealership.

In short, some revues not well specified, but definitely a good offer that reduces the price of the cars, and approaching the costs to the financial possibilities of many Italian undecided about a possible purchase. The offer will be valid until the end of April, and that’s why if you are going to buy a car you can expect to take advantage of the offer.

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