Smart Tricks To Organize A Small Kitchen

One of the great challenges of a person who lives at home with a small kitchen is to make room for each store each thing without having to compromise practicality. There are so many utensils gathered in a small space, that it is even difficult to leave the environment lighter.

In addition to the short films, another issue that can make it difficult to organize a kitchen is the lack of cabinets. Then comes the question: how to organize a small kitchen without making major interventions? Is this possible?

Even if space is small, and even if there are missing cabinets, we have to say YES. It is possible to organize small kitchens with simple solutions. These small changes can make a difference and so much in your day today.

How to Organize a Small Kitchen
To help you, we’ve put together 17 smart tricks to organize a small kitchen. Nothing prevents these tips from being used in larger environments.

If you like the subject, continue with us to check out tips that will make your life simpler. Come on?


1. Create Kits for Everyday Use

So you do not have to spend all the time taking and storing products that we always use, such as sugar, flour, olive oil and salt, do the following: grab a cake tray, gather the products, and create food kits. This tip will make mealtime much more practical, especially in a small kitchen.

To avoid spoiling the countertops or shelves of the refrigerator with foods that can run off or stick, such as honey, olive oil, and sauces, place them in cake trays. It is more practical to wash the tray than to have to clean the counter at all times, is not it?

2. Hang the Items You Most Uses

Enjoy the versatility of hooks for hanging aprons, thermal gloves, and dishcloths. These are utensils that should always be at hand.

3. Organize according to Frequency of Use

It seems obvious, but it is important to leave what we use most closely to the hands. Daily dishes and glasses, for example, should stay above the counter. But the less used items, such as pan and cake trays, should go to the top of the cupboards.

4. Enjoy Two Sides of Shelves

If you stop to think, your shelves have two surfaces, right? But how to dribble the force of gravity? It’s simple, install metal lids on the bottom of the shelf, then screw the jars filled with seasoning and spices.



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