Sale: 8 Tips For Making Good Buys No Bad Surprises

Sale: 8 Tips For Making Good Buys No Bad Surprises

They are triggered winter sales, with different dates depending on the region. Here is the “straight” from the site of Altroconsumo to choose what to buy and to assert their rights in case of problems.

1 – The retailer is not required to change the merchandise (unless defective) konsultan pajak jakarta, if you are not sure of your purchase before you buy ask if the store allows the eventual return of the goods and on what terms.
2 – Always test the selected article: if we repent of purchase, there may not be an opportunity to change it.
3 – Do not buy the clothing that they have, in addition to the label of composition, also the maintenance: you will avoid accidents during cleaning.
4 – If you buy a product that has been specifically put in balance because defective, please remember that you can not make a warranty claim contesting the defect to the seller.
5 – The warranty is valid for two years after purchase for the goods on sale. So pay attention to slips of paper chemicals, may deteriorate. The advice is to fotocopiali, to be able to exhibit at the appropriate time.
6 – The guarantee must be invoked within sixty days from the moment you discover the defect of the product you purchased.
7 – A shopkeeper agreement with a credit card is required to accept it always, even during the sales period. If it does not, he insists and protest with the bank or the card company.
8 – All prices are binding on the seller if the cash is practiced a price or a discount other than that specified, point it out to the shopkeeper. If the latter insists, to protect their rights, you can call the local police.

Just to avoid confusion and unwanted purchases, sold goods on sale must be displayed separately from the non-obvious: if the rule is broken, you can file a complaint to the municipal police.

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