Instagram releases new ways to send photos and videos to Direct

Instagram to three different ways to share images and videos in Direct

The Instagram released this Thursday (22) more options to send photos and videos via Direct. From now on, the application allows the content to some of the conversations after being seen once. There is also the option to send the media permanently. The novelty expands the possibilities of talking with the use of self-destructive photos. Before, it was only possible to send content with the possibility of a temporary repetition in the conversation.

See the following tutorial how to use the new features to set up three options for sending temporary media into a conversation: single-view, allow replay and keep chatting permanently.

How to view Instagram Direct messages from the PC

Step 1. Open Instagram Direct and select a contact to start a conversation. Then tap the next camera button to send a photo or video.

Step 2. Tap once to capture a photo or hold the center button to record a video. When you finish, Instagram will allow you to choose the type of sending. By default, the app sets up as “Allow Replay”, which gives the sender the freedom to view the post as often as they like for a limited time. Previously, this was the only format allowed in the app.

Step 3. Swipe left to see the new viewing option only once by the contact. After the photo or video is displayed, the content disappears from the conversation and can no longer be played.

Step 4. On the right, select “Keep in Chat” to pin a thumbnail of the shared media even after the first preview. This type of post is definitely available in the chat and can be consulted in the future.

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