How to make Jeans Ripped Step by Step

How to make Jeans Ripped Step by Step – We brought a pretty cool tip for you to learn how to make ripped jeans. It’s a cool idea to make your shorts or shorts you have. So you give the item a new look and still save money to have a new part in the wardrobe.

This type of dress hardly gets old-fashioned and even when it gives a fall, returns later with full force. Learn from step by step and give that old style in your pants, jackets, and accessories.

How to make Jeans Ripped Step by Step


  • Old jeans
  • Interweave

Step by step

  1. First, buy the interlining fabric in the cabinet. This type of fabric serves to leave fabrics harder and firmer for the accomplishment of craftsmanship works.
  2. Turn the jeans inside out and cut a piece of interlining larger than the denim fabric you cut or tore. With the shiny part of the interlacing in contact with the reverse side of the jeans, you will iron the iron at a very hot temperature.
  3. Before ironing the iron, you can try to line the threads with the position you want the fabrics to remain.
  4. Another option is to do without the interlining, just making cuts in the pants or shuffling some cut part. See how easy it is to do the process of shredding.
  5. Just do the cut and go undoing with the help of tweezers and scissors. Then just enjoy the result.


Even in men, it gets cool, too. You also have the option of making these rips in denim jackets and other pieces with the same fabric. Now it’s up to you. Inspire yourself in other cool looks in Guidecraftblog, Pinterest, and Google Images to create that look well stripped with the tip too!

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