How to install personal and professional profiles on Xiaomi mobile phone

Xiaomi mobile phones have a native feature that allows you to create two different user profiles: one for work and one for everyday life, for example. The function, called Second Space, is useful for the consumer who wants to have completely different environments on the same smartphone, without the content of one affecting the other.

If you do not know how to configure the feature, follow the step-by-step instructions that TechTudo prepared with the necessary procedures to add another profile to your Xiaomi phone. The tutorial was done in Redmi Note 4, but it can be played on all branded phones that use the MIUI interface.

Setting up two profiles on Xiaomi’s mobile phone

Step 1. The first thing to do is to open the settings of your phone. Then look for the “System and Device” section and tap “Second Space”.

Step 2. Touch the blue button indicated in the image below and wait for the system to activate the feature.

Step 3. Touch “Continue” to proceed with the setup. If you want to protect the second profile with a password, touch “Set Now”, otherwise skip the step and go to “Step 7”.

Step 4. To set a password, draw the unlock pattern on your phone screen, and then enter the code again. Touch the “Confirm” button to save the information.

Step 5. It is also possible to protect the second profile with your fingerprint. Tap “Set Now” and place your finger on the sensor. The digital must be different from the one you have registered in the first profile.

Step 6. Press your finger repeatedly on the fingerprint reader until the message “Successfully added” appears. Then touch the “Done” button.

Step 7. Select the functions you want to activate in the new profile, and then tap “OK” to finish.


How to change profile in Xiaomi mobile

Step 1. There are two different ways to switch between profiles. The first is with your fingerprint. With the phone locked, place your finger on the sensor that automatically switches the system to the profile on which the digital is registered.

Step 2. The other mode can be done with the screen unlocked. On your phone’s home screen, touch the “Switch” icon or go to the notification bar and tap “Go to First Space”.


Deleting the second profile on Xiaomi’s mobile phone

Step 1. In the second profile, access the settings of your Xiaomi smartphone and tap on the “Second Space” feature.

Step 2. Scroll to the end and touch the “Delete Second Space” option. Confirm the operation by tapping the “Continue” button.

Step 3. You can move the contacts, photos, applications, and other files to the first profile. Select the data you want to keep and tap “Continue.” Finally, touch the “Move” button.


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