History of Virtual Reality

In the 80s the fever was the arcades; in the 90’s, video game companies bombarded with their innumerable consoles options for those who wanted to play the latest releases. In the early 2000s, lanhouses became favorite haunts for those looking for the latest in online gaming. From the outset, buying powerful machines or the modern consoles has never been in any pocket. The story repeats itself. The novelty now is exclusive places to play using the most diverse virtual reality equipment – the VR houses.

We visited three spaces here in São Paulo to experience the novelty. The latest is this one. In nine independent rooms, the game is one – a strategy game that can be played by up to four people at a time. Most of the time, the solution lies in the collaboration between the participants, who have the mission to save the world in five different missions. In unusual environments such as the lunar surface or the Jurassic Age, players need to decipher puzzles that lead them to the next phase. Scenarios are full of details, but the game requires more strategy than any kind of movement.

In this other space, Leandro, a video game collector, decided to transform his passion into a profession. Here, in addition to the most popular games and even a motor racing simulator, it offers the first virtual reality arena. With the computer on the back and sensors attached to the legs and an electronic rifle, players can not only see inside the game but move freely to prevent an alien attack. The experience is quite immersive, fun and even tiresome depending on how long you stay there shooting at violent creatures …

Virtual reality glasses, combined with powerful computers, provide an almost teleportation experience. Just wear the equipment to step in a parallel world. It is possible to have the most unusual sensations like diving with sharks, climbing Everest, escaping zombies or defying your worst fears, such as height and terror. And, it’s no use trying to tell yourself that it’s just a game. With the glasses and the headset, immersion is instantaneous.

The price is still a little salty, but worth the experience. These houses charge, on average, 60 reais per hour of play using virtual reality glasses. But for those who have not had the sensation, we recommend. And, get ready, if you think you’ll be able to control your brain by saying “this is just a game”, believe me, it’s not that simple. In a very cool conversation with a psychologist totally connected to technology, we explain the phenomenon: how virtual reality deceives your brain so well. The link is just below this video on our site. Check it out before venturing …

Source: androiduniversal.com

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