Every woman is sacred!

Yes, every woman is sacred. Perhaps the course of the world has made us forget, but we women we are sacred beings, and we must return to honor our sacredness.

“Sacred,” according to the dictionary, is something “ 

And we, women, honor our sacred when we step out of the role of victims of a sick society and become protagonists of our own history; when we assume the reins of our existence and begin to make the decisions putting us, always first; when we do not wait for the government, our partner, our bosses, our parents or our children to recognize us and value us, because we realize that, in fact, this does not

We honor our sacredness when we realize that what we truly need is for ourselves to realize the priceless and indisputable value we have, regardless of any circumstance.

We honor our sacredness when we understand that we do not need to have a companion (a) to experience love, and anyone who eventually follows the walk beside us may only complement something that is already inherent in us.

We honor ourselves when we stop blaming ourselves for everything that involves our children and we understand that, simply because we have given them life, we are honored, and we always do our best, according to

We are honored when we take it for granted to take a daily time to relate to our emotions and do things that do us good when we stop stifling the need to live a continuous process of self-knowledge and We are refreshing our sacred when we remember that it is the fruit of the union of our physical, mental spiritual and emotional aspects, with all its singularities, which makes us a unique being in this vast universe and therefore special!

We honor ourselves when we remind ourselves, daily, that we do not have to be a superhero (like others sometimes , hope) to be a wonder woman, and that sharing tasks, rather than a sign of weakness, may be a sign of wisdom.

Our sacredness is honored when we join one another to to share experiences, to share frustrations and to realize that we can learn from each other’s mistakes, to feel relieved to see that our dilemmas are not unique and to understand that, after all, everything is all right.

When we truly accept that tiredness is something absolutely normal and that asking for time and getting help when needed is something fundamental to rebalance our axis and go even further and when we do this, we honor ourselves.

We honor our feminine when we are released from the standards in all areas of our life and we become sincerely indifferent to the opinion of others, opening ourselves to the new and following the path that makes our heart vibrate.

When we finally give up all kinds of judgments, policing ourselves to emit them (albeit mentally) and not allowing others to direct us at all.

We exacerbate our sacredness when, at last, with we anticipate that wanting to have control over everything that surrounds us only brings us anxiety and anxiety, and we begin to surrender ourselves to chance, allowing the flow of life and letting ourselves be surprised;

We extol our sacred when we begin to truly experience, our connection with the Divine, in whatever form, by lighting the sun that dwells in our hearts and making us shine in light and love.

But, most notably, we honor our condition of being sacred beings when we we recognize ourselves connected to each other and treat ourselves as sisters, leaving aside jealousy, competition and jealousy to jointly feel the strength of our union and the fact that it is every day an excellent opportunity to celebrate our existence! https://isabelmarants-neakers.us


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