Check out these smart tips before shopping online, which you should know.

In the year 2018 with the increasingly advanced Internet technology many emerging online shopping sites. They all build online stores that sell a variety of goods and services like a mall, with advantages and disadvantages of each.

With the convenience of consumers in buying goods through online shopping sites, undoubtedly many of you who choose to purchase products online. Because it is more practical, no need to shop, just need to pay with the card and wait for the goods to come. However, many people who still do not know how to buy at online stores safely. If not careful, you can be fooled and lost. It could be that the items do not fit the picture, or even the stuff does not come at all when you’ve paid!

Do not you want, you cheated and became victims of online shopping? Well, to make you more comfortable shopping at online shopping sites, you should make sure you know how to buy and transact safely and comfortably on Indonesia’s online shopping site, as suggested by the comparison website

1. Do research on online shopping sites and Trust your money on an online shopping site that is reliable and safe.

Trust your money on a trusted site like www.,,and others.

Currently a lot of sites selling and selling a variety of goods. Starting from food products, clothing, electronics, and household purposes is available on one site. There are also open stalls on Facebook and Instagram. Before you decide to buy goods, make sure that the website or the seller associated with you is indeed reliable.

How can you know that the site is trusted? Make sure that the site includes contact addresses and contact numbers. Besides, first browsing reviews from people who had been shopping on the site before. Positive customer response is a sign that the place is indeed reliable. If there are any negative reviews? Consider how professional the site responds to.

These tips you should do if you shop like clothes online on websites that you rarely use. Check the seller’s phone number and contact them. If not convincing, visit the Google search engine then enter the name of the website. Look for reviews from consumers who have shopped.

If many consumers complain about the service of the site, you should just leave that website. Choose a shopping site that gets a positive appreciation, and avoid shopping sites that get a one star or get complaints and disappointments from consumers on their social media accounts and on the site.

2. View the online shopping site’s policy on your personal data

You like lazy to peruse the rules in transactions. Sure, the language is rigid, and the contents of the details will make us prefer the origin of push “Yes, I agree” only. In fact, just by listening to this rule you can find out what you should do when unpleasant events occur. For example, if you find that the goods you ordered do not match your expectations, you will know how to return them. If it turns out the site does not provide rules about the return of goods? You can be more careful and maybe even cancel the transaction.

Do not get any points that mention that the manager of the website may provide personal data consumers to other parties. Also, read the items refund policy. Since the purchased item cannot be seen physically, there must be a warranty if the item you received was defective.

Make sure you can return the defective item and of course replaced with a new thing, or your money will be returned. Please also check who pays the return of the goods.

3. Do not be tempted by the price of cheap goods. Make sure that the products have quality.

It is important to remember, do not be tempted by the low price given the site. If you want to buy goods, do not just pay attention to the amount, but note the quality of the products. You must have a reason why you purchased the item online. Price can be cheap, but if the quality is reasonable? Later regret.

This is especially true when you want to buy electronic goods. There are online stores that put prices far below market rates. You should make entirely sure that the products sold are “done”. Look at reviews from previous buyers: are the goods being sold genuine or counterfeit ?. If you buy used rights, is the product warranty valid ?. Sure good?

4. Check the package of goods by reading the product description carefully

Check the package of goods and read the product description carefully. Beware of branded goods that are sold at huge discounts. It could be a fake item, or the seller just wants to get your money.

5. Look for a sign that the website is secure

The mark is usually a padlock image in the status bar (status bar) of the browser. Before entering personal information, check that security alert is on the site.

When you are asked to enter credit card number registration information, see the website address. Your website address should change from HTTP to ‘HTTPS’. This means that the payment information has been protected, safer anyway.

6. Secure your PC

In doing online shopping, at least your PC must have anti-virus device. Better yet, if you install anti-spyware and firewalls on your PC. Remember, the security software must be updated regularly to keep the PC protected from the latest threats. Well, just set the update process automatically.

7. Consider the mode of payment

Payments are usually made by credit card, via ATM, or through a modern retail outlet. With a credit card, you have substantial evidence that you have made a transaction if the goods are not delivered or not to order.

But, due to the theft of credit card numbers, payments by using systems such as PayPal, Transfer Send, or Cash On Delivery (COD) may be considered.

8. Save proof of transaction

Includes product and price descriptions, digital receipts, and also copies of e-mails that have been sent to you and the seller.

10. Turn off PC after a transaction

If the PC is turned on, there could be a burglar who has embedded malware and take control of the PC and make transactions. You should turn off your PC after you transact.

That’s how some safe shopping on online shopping sites that you can apply. Next, you need to recognise favourite shopping sites frequented by Indonesian consumers for online shopping. Happy shopping online safely from us.

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