Best Chocolate Brown Hair Color Ideas

Best Chocolate Brown Hair Color Ideas

The best way to enhance your looks is by putting on a new hair color. Coloring will definitely update your visual aspect and will show off your personality. And if you ever want a abundant hair color that looks classy, chocolate brown hair color maybe the right one for you.


Since coloring hair is a major decision, it is imperative that you make sure that the shade that you choose will look good on you. There are three ways of determining if chocolate brown hair color is the right one for you.

Know your skin layer . people who have dark skin would be the best individuals to don this color, although anybody with a warm skin undertone can wear this as well. To know this, check the veins on you arm to see if it¡¯s greenish.


Base it on your natural hair color. It is known that your natural hair color should be the basis of the shade that you will choose.


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Remember that 2-3 shades darker or lighter rule? This indicates that you should only dye your hair 2-3 shades aside from your natural hair color, especially if you¡¯re just doing it at home.


This indicates that chocolate brown hair color may fit people with natural brunettes.


What better way to make sure of chocolate brown is for yourself that to test it? Do one test strand by applying the mixture to a part of your hair and wrap it with foil. Rinse and dry following and see it below lights. if you ever like what you see then go ahead with it.


Because coloring your hair indicates your committing to something, it will probably be better if you ever visit an expert stylist for this.


Mixing and doing a wrong formulation may cause havoc and damage to your hairstyle. Not only that, the chemicals maybe too much if you ever keep on altering colours just because you didn¡¯t like it. So, it is generally better to do it with someone who have accomplished the job for some time to ensure that your locks will look great.


You will probably be able to request for recommendations from them as well on how to maintain it or if there are products and solutions which they can recommend for your new look.


Another thing to remember is that, you have to take treatment of your chocolate brown hair color. How? First, remember to not shampoo your hair for two days.


Following the two-day period, you previously can rinse it but make sure to produce use of shampoo and conditioners specifically made for color treated hair.


Use cool water for your hair.


And do not use blow dryer if its avoidable.

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