Android tips and tricks you might not know

Google has recently launched a site with tips and tricks for owners of Android devices. We’ve listed 10 topics that can make it easier to use your smartphone and make your battery last longer. Check out:


1. Guest mode

Use Guest Mode to block text messages, emails, and other personal items. Swipe down to open quick settings, and click the user in the upper right corner.
There, click “Add a Guest” to start Google Guest Mode. The phone will switch to guest mode and your information will be protected. At the end of the session, simply click on the icon and remove the visitor.


2. Save the battery

In Settings, click battery and under “Battery saving”. Set the switch to “on” and note that the top and bottom of the screen will turn orange.
You can activate the feature automatically when the battery is low. Click Activate automatically and select the desired percentage.


3. Create your own Android character

First of all, you need to have the Androidify application installed on your smartphone. Open the app and build an avatar for yourself or a friend.


4. Create animations quickly

Open Google Photos and select the menu ≡ in the upper left corner, then tap “Wizard”. In versions 1.23 and below, tap the + sign in the upper right corner and select “Animation.” Choose between 2 and 50 animated images and select “Create” in the upper right corner. The animation will automatically play on the screen and will be saved to Photos.


5. Chat with your calendar

Use voice commands to program alarms, reminder, and calendar events. Say “Ok Google” and then things like “Set an alarm for 7 o’clock” or “Remember to call John at 7 o’clock”, or “Create a calendar event for dinner in the city on Saturday at 8 p.m. “.
If Google does not recognize your voice, open the Google app and click the menu ≡ in the upper left corner. Then click “Settings”> “Voice”> Detect ‘OK Google’.


6. Locate and lock your lost phone

Use Device Manager Android (ADM) to know the approximate location of your device and when it was last used. Register in the Android device manager and select your device.
To quickly find your phone in the future, ask Google to “find my phone”.


7. Quickly share who you talk to most

People and places where the user most shares links have quick access to the applications. A list of people or places (such as a Google Drive folder) shared more often will appear in the action menu at the top of the screen.


8. Change colors to improve reading

Use the Android color settings to invert the colors on the screen, make white text easier to read or color-adjust for color-blind users. To do this, click on Settings and then “System” and “Accessibility”. To enable high contrast, color inversion, or color correction, click “on” in the corresponding option.


9. Ensure that the alarm sounds even if the phone runs out of battery power.

When the device is idle, it is automatically put into sleep mode. So even if you forget to load it, Android, from version 6.0, will ensure that the alarm clock rings.


10. Charge the phone faster

Connect your phone and go to “Settings”. There, click on “Battery settings” and activate the “quick charge” mode.

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