An Apartment So Simple But So Special

An Apartment So Simple But So Special

The beauty of decorating a space is to find the right key to reflect as best as possible the personality of its inhabitants. To do that, it does not always remain faithful to one specific style, indeed the game becomes more interesting when they occur contamination between different styles, as in this beautiful studio apartment Ferlazzo Natoli. Here the architects have ridden the wave of fantasy and were able to give life to an environment of great originality and a strong character, let’s find out together!

We think in time to our friends in four-legged

This year Fido and Puss will not be on holiday with us, but stay at home, assisted by a friend or relative who will take care to bring them food and water Leave well in cloth views for the floors, with dustpan and brush, so that those who will be responsible in our pets can clean up any damage. Also we provide a sufficient amount of sand to be able to change the cat litter box daily. Finally, we restrict access of our animals only to certain areas of the house and worry of cover sheets with sofas and armchairs, perhaps placing games & Entertainers to divert attention away from curtains and carpets.

The open-plan living area

Like most of the modern apartments, this also has a distribution facility that provides a living area open space. This type of organization is certainly closer to the needs of contemporary living. Today we have almost eliminated the long cooking and heavy meals in favor of a kitchen faster and convivial habits that put in first place the time of socializing and sharing, instead of the real kitchen.

The living room is very attractive for its organization. The elements here are deconstructed, there is the classic furniture in front of the sofa, there is a low shelf, which supports the books and the TV is placed on the ground. More minimal than that you can not! Then there’s the carpet, with a strong ethnic appeal, beautiful on the plastic floor!

The dining area

The kitchen – dining area is based on strong contrasts, is of great impact and expressive, thanks to elements such as the wall anthracite gray spatula (that makes continuation of the resin floor), the gold-colored frame that makes contrast, vintage table pickled wood. Materials from the great aesthetic.

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