10 Examples Of External Covered With Wooden Deck

10 Examples Of External Covered With Wooden Deck

In the book of ideas today we will show you 10 examples of exterior wood coatings. We are talking of platforms deck, undoubtedly one of the best solutions for gardens, courtyards, terraces or balconies, suitable to hold any size transforming any room into a cool place.

On the other hand, wood is an extremely versatile construction material, which lends itself to a multitude of different options. Depending on the type of wood also, you can decide the treatment to be done and the final color. See LE10 proposals!

Attic terrace

The upper floor of the house has been transformed into a sensational terrace in its entirety, half covered by a special sloping roof. The deck floor provides warmth and personality to the environment, while the side sessions increase its functionality.

A pure wooden yard

This fabulous rustic house has a large yard completely covered by a platform in deck. The shades and wood grains bind well with other materials used in the construction of the house, stone and concrete, as well as earth and wood of pines.

The trolley on wheels

In this image we see another powerful and useful element in the kitchen, a trolley on wheels and when you need to turn into a small island. And then to add a business plan or take trolley depending on the occasion.

The kitchen island

The kitchen island is a great way to define and connect the kitchen space in an open environment, enriching the space of work plans and support, which can also turn into bar tables.

A springboard with tub

Another interesting solution would be to use the deck as a coating of a platform that incorporates a swimming pool or a hot tub. In this way, in fact, not only it delimits the area, but provides a warm and pleasant setting for sunbathing during the summer.

space-saving tables

In a small kitchen, the table location can be a problem. One way to address it can be to use wall tables, ie capable of opening only when used. The principle can often be used to connect to for kitchen islands.

Shelves and shelves

Store and store a large amount of food, equipment and tools is one of the main needs of every kitchen. Good design projects for the kitchen in this case come back very useful to find the best solutions. In general, it is desirable rational alternation of shelves and shelving units and the more traditional solid doors to closets. The color and decorations, as we see, can be exploited to avoid saturating the space, making it pleasant and not oppressive.

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