10 Benefits of Toothpaste Not Many People Know


Toothpaste is only used for cleaning teeth because the basic function is intended for it. However, toothpaste turns out to have many other functions to facilitate the work.

Here are a variety of daily problems that we can overcome with the help of toothpaste:

1. Mosquito bites

Mosquito bites make small bumps on the skin, but fortunately by applying toothpaste on mosquito bites will reduce itching and irritation.

2. Cleaning the dye stains on the towel

Toothpaste will help us remove the dye stains on the towel.

3. Restore the silver color

The silver cleaning product is expensive we can replace it with toothpaste. The way is a little rub toothpaste on silver to make it shine and bright like new.

4. Eliminate acne

Apply toothpaste on acne to treat it quickly.

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5. Cleaning the furniture

Furniture that smells hard to lose after being used for food or drink containers, we can eliminate the smell by filling it with hot water and rubbing it with toothpaste and rinse with clean water.

6. Cleaning the glasses

Apply toothpaste on the glasses to prevent the glasses from dewing and cleaning them properly.

7. Cleaning the iron

Use toothpaste to clean the iron and the iron will shine like new.

8. Whiten the button on the old piano

Apply a little toothpaste on the piano keys that start yellowing and the piano keys will look whiter than ever.

9. Clean the car or motorcycle headlights

Apply the toothpaste on the sponge and rub it to the car or motorcycle light to clean the dirt.

10. Cleaning ink stains on t-shirts

Apply a little toothpaste on the ink stains on the shirt, and leave for 24 hours. Then, wash as usual.

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